Rêve is a native mobile application that has been created using Red Foundry. The application features a recording device so the user can record his/her dreams. We hope that the user will be able to use these recordings to revisit their dreams. Also, the application allows the user to access Twitter. The purpose of integrating Twitter is to get the users to share their experiences with others and to see what other users are saying. Last, Reve has a reality check feature. These reality checks are simply daily alerts that make sure the user is consistently conducting reality checks, a vital aspect of creating a lucid dream.

As you can see from our lucid dreaming tips, we've integrated features that avid lucid dreamers claim to be among the most important aspects of having a lucid dream. Reality checks and dream journals are essential aspects of lucid dreaming, and when combined with the ability to share tips with other Rêve users, the path to lucid dreaming becomes much easier.