Lucid Dreaming Tips

There are several methods to increase your chances of experiencing a lucid dream. Altering sleep patterns, daily habits and even the foods you eat can affect your ability to lucid dream. We hope these tips below will help you in your quest for lucid dreams.


Get at between 7-9 hours of sleep.
The amount of sleep a person needs to feel rested will vary. For most, the number is in the range of 7-9 hours. Be sure you are gettting the right amount of sleep for you. This is the first step in experiencing a lucid dream. People have certain times where you are more likely to experience a lucid dream. For most, this is in the early morning when most are in the REM stage of sleep. Discover your own lucid dream time.

Keep a dream journal.
Dream recall is extremely important for this process. When you record your dreams, you can refer back to them to discover common themes or dream signs that are common in your dreams. When you can recognize dream signs, you have the ability to recognize your dreaming and can then manipulate the dream. It's best to record dreams as soon as you wake.

Listen to music as you sleep.
Music has the ability to evoke any possible emotion. Creating a playlist that loops through the night will help trigger memories and emotions that create fantastic lucid dreams.


Perform reality checks during the day.
Doing simple things, like checking your watch, can help distinguish the real world from the dream world. In dream world, if your watch says 2 p.m. and you check it a minute later, it could then say 3:45 p.m. Having a consistent reality check will enable you to determine if your in a dream or not.

Use affirmations.
Writing positive affirmations, such as "I know how to lucid dream and can control my dreams at will," can help make the process of experiencing your first lucid dream easier. Be sure to place a sticky note with the affirmation where you will see it. You should also repeat this affirmation before going to sleep.

Eat spicy foods.
This suggestion seems irrelevant. However, eating foods with strong flavors can cause unusual or vivid dreams. These types of dreams are ideal for first-time lucid dreamers (or even for lucid dreaming experts).

Take notice of your surroundings.
If you take time to notice the things around you, you will be more likely to notice things that are out of place in dreams. Noticing the oddities that manifest in dreams is key to realizing you are actually in a dream.

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